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FTN echo setup for Mystic v1.10 on Linux

Note: This is written for A38. If you are on a different release YMMV.

I've just used AgoraNet as the example for this doc, but with the appropriate settings changed, this will work with any other FTN echo network.

Also of note, I have used an external BINKD program because I couldn't get Mystic's internal one working. But as of a37, the code is still in flux, so it may work better soon. Or maybe it does work and I'm a gumboot. Either way, feel free to elucidate me if you have it working.

Import AgoraNet Message Subbies

  1. In Mystic -CFG, create the Message Group, and note the Group Number
  2. Copy mutil.ini to import-agora.ini
  3. In the list of functions in import-agora.ini, set Import_FIDONET.NA to true
  4. In the Import_FIDONET.NA section below, set the acs list/read/post/etc access and other fields to suit. eg; set the list and read access to g3 if it's the third group. This will mean people can only see it if they are in that group. Add appropriate security levels for posting and so on. For example, mine has s20g3 so that only people with security level and are in group 3 can post into them.
  5. Set the filename to and copy the matching file out of the info archive into your BBS root directory
  6. Run ./mutil import-agora.ini to import all the message bases. They will now appear in Mystic -CFG under Editors → Message Base Editor
  7. Once imported, go over them to see they match the settings for all AgoraNet subs. eg; sysop only subboard should have a list/post/etc acs of s255. And NetMail should be set to Base Type → Netmail.

Set up Echomail Nodes

In Mystic -CFG, Configuration → EchoMail Addresses, set your Node Address, Domain, etc. The domain should match that in your binkd.cfg file–it isn't case sensitive.

In EchoMail Nodes, add an entry (/i) for your uplink. The last screen (the Echomail Addresses section of the config) is where you configure *your* info. The Network Nodes section is where you configure all the machines you connect to.

  1. Set to Network Type → FidoNet
  2. Set Session Type → BinkP
  3. Set AllFix PW if you have got an AreaFix/FileFix password
  4. Set Route Info → 46:*
  5. Zone, Net, Node, etc on right-hand side are the settings of your uplink
  6. Press S to select Session Options
  7. Set Host, Password, and CRAM-MD5 as per your uplink. When you apply for access to an FTN network, normally you will pick a password, and all other options are determined by your uplink.

In the Message Base Editor, select each message base, and select Export To. It's possible to do a mass select in the previous screen by selecting each base with the TAB key (an asterisk will appear to show it's selected), and then doing a Global edit (/g). Or if there aren't many, just go one-by-one.

Insert (/i) and select your AgoraNet node from the list

Set Up Importing/Exporting

  1. Make another copy of mutil.ini and call it agora.ini.
  2. Enable ImportEchoMail and ExportEchoMail

Configure BINKD

  1. Download BinkD for Linux off the net (current version is 0.9.5a)
  2. Copy binary into your path somewhere that Mystic can get to it. I have a directory called bin/ inside my Mystic homedir.
  3. Create a binkd.cfg in your mystic root. There's a sample at the end of this doc.
  4. Run BinkD. I run mine in a window with:
bin/binkd -v binkd.cfg

You could also run it as a daemon on bootup with:

binkd -D binkd.cfg

This will now be receiving connections on port 24554 by default, and mail it receives will be dumped in your defined inbound directory.

Run Message Importer Periodically

  1. Set up a cronjob to run hourly or as often as you want to process any waiting inbound and outbound messages.
  2. Cronjob should run:
mutil agora.ini

which we configured earlier. It should import any messages waiting in the inbound directory, and process any outgoing messages that should be sent out.

Subscribing to echoes via AreaFix

In the case of AgoraNet, Access Denied (the netop) runs an areafix setup. That means that you can send netmail to Areafix@46:1/100 with your password as the subject.

Useful commands are:


The last one will subscribe your board to all the echoes. The help file says %+ALL <address> but I found including my address didn't work. Not including my address worked. :)

binkd.cfg Sample

# 46 at end is the AgoraNet root zone
domain AgoraNet /home/mysticbbs/echomail/out 46
# Your node address goes here.
address <YourNode>@agoranet
sysname "BBS Name"
location "City/Country/Planet"
sysop "SYSOP Name"
nodeinfo 115200,TCP,BINKP
try 10
hold 600
log binkd.log
loglevel 4
conlog 4
inbound /home/mysticbbs/echomail/in
temp-inbound /home/mysticbbs/tempftn
minfree 2048
minfree-nonsecure 2048
kill-old-partial-files 86400
# UplinkNode details below, eg; 46:1/100
# UplinkHost is the host you will connect to and the port if not the default
# -md forces CRAM-MD5
# the 'c' at the end sets it to 'crash' which means it'll deliver as soon as
# there is new mail. 
node <UplinkNode>@agoranet <UplinkHost> -md [password] c
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