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Tears/Folds Corners Spine Stress Writing/stamps Waterstains Cover Pages Staples
Mint None Sharp/Crisp None None None Colours glossy/reflective White/no damage No wear or tears
Near Mint None Sharp No rolling, minor stress, no colour break Very small arrival dates/prices None High Gloss White, no damage No wear
Very Fine Very light on edges or corners Minor wear or slight creases No rolling, minor stress with minor colour break Very small neat writing on cover or pages None high-med gloss Off white or yellow or tan minor wear but no tears
Fine one tear 1/4“ max. minor corner folds moderate creases moderate stress with minor colour break small rubber stamp on front cover only, or very small neat writing None, but minor humidity on back cover medium gloss, minor scuffing yellow or tan. no brittleness minor wear around staples, minor tears
Very Good several minor tears, or one major, moderate folds bends, moderate creases, up to 1/2” missing slight roll, moderate wear minor neat stamps or writing hardly noticable small droplet fading gloss, missing piece 1“ square, moderate scuffing brown, minor tears moderate wear, no tears, pages all attached, minor rust, no rust stains
Good lots of small tears and folds major creases, small pieces missing up to 1/4” tears, major stress allowed in small quantities extensive, but still readable no gloss, up to 2“ square missing, scuffing brown, moderate tears, slightly brittle cover/centre loose, rust, small rust stains
Fair Major tears, small chunks missing some corners missing 2/3 spine split, major stress moderate writing/ stamps extensive, some colour fading no gloss brittle pages, coupons clipped or missing rust, rust stains
Poor major tears & creases Major corner portions missing major damage book and/or cover used as colouring book extensive water damage no cover brittle pages, browning, pages missing major rust & stains, loose pages
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